Now that we have reached the milestone of 100,000 households supporting our campaign, we wanted to hear the thoughts of our supporters on why a fairer property tax system is so important to them.

Here’s what they had to say:

Susan from Staffordshire – “I’m supporting your campaign because I believe that as a renter rather than a home owner that it is the landlord who should be paying the majority (if not all) of the Council Tax.”



Shaylee from Kent – “I am supporting your campaign as it is a subject close to my heart and affects myself and my family. I think we live in a society where families struggle daily with basic household bills and the cost of living but much of this goes under the radar. We are encouraged to save for our families’ futures, but with ever increasing bills such as Council Tax this just isn’t possible. A lower, and a more evenly distributed system for Council Tax would help many families.”

Claire from Gloucester – “Your scheme is incredible and appears to be much fairer than the current scheme. As a single mum working full-time in a primary school throughout the pandemic, putting myself at risk daily, I bring home a shockingly low wage and with two teenage boys eating me out of house and home, I’m sad to say all of my money goes on bills with Council Tax being a big one. Treats are few and far between and there is no chance at all to save – it really does feel like us low-earners live to work.”



Maxine from Manchester – “Everyone is going through the same challenges because of this horrendous nightmare of a pandemic which means that many businesses are closed. Thousands upon thousands of people don’t have as much money coming through to pay their bills. Fairer Share would like the government to replace Council Tax altogether. This would help immensely people that just don’t have enough funds. People are having to consider do they feed themselves or put the heating on. This is just horrendous!!!”

Becca from Doncaster – “Where I live you pay council tax but nothing is ever improved. It feels that half of our money gets swallowed up. The government are very good at helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, it’s about time someone stuck up for the average Joe and said enough is enough.”



Keith from Birmingham – “It’s been a bad last 8 months since the pandemic started and I have been struggling to keep on top of bills and especially Council Tax. I am supporting your campaign as I believe that Council Tax is too high and the council have cut services to the bone but every year the tax keeps rising.”


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