Benefits of the Proportional Property Tax

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door-Reforming Council Tax aligns with the Government's objective of Levelling Up
door-Abolishes unfair taxes
door-£5.6 billion surplus for HM Treasury
door-Removes the unpopular and dysfunctional Stamp Duty
door-PPT is a vote winner!
door-Offers a better deal for 8.7 million renters
door-Fairer Share reduces Council Tax debt
door-The Proportional Property Tax increases housing supply
door-Reduces inter-generational unfairness
door-Supports holiday home communities
door-Includes a £100 cap on any possible increase
door-This reform has the support of numerous leading economists & property experts
door-Provides the Government with additional tools to transition to Net Zero
door-Taxes foreign-owned properties fairly
door-Enjoys the support of leading think tanks on both left and right
door-Rebalances the housing market
door-Provides extensive administrative savings
door-Helps to capture annual property value increases for society
door-Those with the broadest shoulders will pay their fair share
door-Maintains local democratic link
door-The Proportional Property Tax has a revenue neutral option
door-Introduces a simpler system
door-Enjoys cross-party support
door-Alleviates the cost of living crisis
door-Provides a boost to the economy