Yesterday, our campaign reached the magnificent milestone of gaining our 100,000th supporter. Since we began the campaign in June, we’ve been stunned by the positive feedback we’ve received and the progress we have been able to make in pushing for a fairer property tax system.

As we reached 100,000 supporters, we’ve seen some fantastic coverage in the national media.

Here are some of the highlights: 

We were delighted to see that our proposal is supported by The Sun, who have been hostile to property tax reform in the past. Their headline “GET RID, RISHI: Scrap council tax and stamp duty, Rishi Sunak urged in plan backed by 100,000” 

The Daily Mail also reported on the potential for a new property levy to replace Council Tax and Stamp Duty, stating “One of the main criticisms of the council tax system is that it is based on property valuations dating back to 1991 while stamp duty is viewed by critics as a barrier to people getting onto, and moving up, the housing ladder.”

There was another positive review in The Metro, which said “Rishi Sunak is coming under pressure to ditch council tax and stamp duty completely. Almost 100,000 people have signed Fairer Share’s campaign to replace council tax, stamp duty and the controversial bedroom tax with a flat rate payment based on the value of a property.”

The Daily Express who have reported on the negative impacts of Council Tax most frequently since last March, said “Supporters of the plan say it will be hugely beneficial to voters in the red wall seats in the north that the Tories won from Labour in 2019. They also say scrapping stamp duty would remove the barrier to families trading up to a bigger home and elderly people in large houses downsizing.”

The Daily Telegraph focused their ire on Stamp Duty with the headline: Stamp duty is Britain’s worst tax. It’s time to move on, Mr Sunak, which is far from surprising given their “Stamp out the Duty” campaign. 

The Daily Star, City AM and ConHome also covered the story, with the former reporting “Charity Fairer Share is pushing for the Chancellor to kill off not only stamp duty but council tax as well, urging Mr Sunak to come up with a new, fairer tax for all property owners. They say one in four adults in the UK regularly go into debt in order to pay their council tax.”