At a panel event hosted by Bright Blue, there was widespread support for replacing Council Tax with a Proportional Property Tax. Dame Margaret Hodge (MP for Barking), Arun Advani (Assistant Professor of Economics) and Sam Robinson (Senior Researcher, Bright Blue) all spoke in support of the Fairer Share campaign. Scroll down to watch the full event.

Sam Robinson – “Moving to a Proportional Property Tax would just make so much more sense. It also makes the tax easier to get behind, understand and explain. And it makes sure we are taxing housing wealth better and more progressively.”

Arun Advani – “It would make much more sense to have a Proportional Property Tax. it benefits most people in the country – it’s just a much more rationale system.”

Margaret Hodge MP – “If we really want to tax wealth, you need to tax the asset most people have [a home] in a much more equitable and fairer way, so the people of Halifax aren’t paying much much more than those in nKensington and Chelsea. Our inability to tackle that is outrageous.”

Watch the full event below: