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Andrew Dixon | An interview with the founder of Fairer Share

In 2020, Andrew launched Fairer Share to reform England’s poorly designed, out of date, and unfair property tax system. In this interview he talks about his motivations for setting up the campaign, its proposals, and how to get involved.

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How Council Tax is driving British debt

Council Tax is now one of the most significant drivers of British household debt. Reforming property taxes to establish a fairer system that doesn’t punish people for their changeable financial situation, should be a priority for the Government as it seeks to ‘Level Up’ the country. 

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Why we need to abolish Council Tax and Stamp Duty

A Letter From Our Founder

"We are fortunate to live in a liberal democracy, but that freedom comes with responsibility. Let’s use this responsibility. Let’s demand a fairer share for all".

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Our Thinking Behind the Fairer Share Campaign Video

In early 2020, we brainstormed some video ideas, brushed off our cameras and spent a week travelling up and down the country to see if people knew how unfair Council Tax really is. Spoiler alert - they didn’t know how unfair Council Tax really is and they’re not happy...

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Less than 3 out of 10 think Council Tax is fair

Less Than 3 out of 10 People Believe Council Tax is Fair

In January this year, we wanted to have a better understanding of how Council Tax is perceived by the British public. To find out, we polled over 1,500 fine people up and down the country to see what they thought.

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