Lost Property (Tax) with Andrew Dixon 

Our founder, Andrew Dixon, joins Tom Burgess of the Coalition for Economic Justice, on his The Real Agenda podcast to discuss how The Proportional Property Tax would be fairer than the current system of Council Tax and Stamp Duty (listen below):

02:40 – Introduction

07:50 – What is the problem with our property taxes?

08:55 – What does Council Tax pay for? 

09:40 – Why is Council Tax unfair? 

10:50 – What is Fairer Share proposing? 

11:20 – Who pays and why?

14:55 – Why not just change the Council Tax bands?

17:20 – How are we going to make this change? 

18:50 – Why do we need to remove Stamp Duty? 

21:00 – How can I join Fairer Share to make change happen?