The Guardian became the latest UK news publication to editorially endorse Council Tax reform, and more specifically, replacing it with a Proportional Property Tax. The article was written by the Guardian’s Economics Editor, Larry Elliot and first appeared on the 9th April 2023.

A property tax based on annually uprated values would be a gamechanger

Sunak or Starmer will win votes – and most UK households will gain – if they replace the council tax

Rishi Sunak needs a gamechanger to have any hope of leading the Conservatives to victory at the next general election. Sir Keir Starmer could do with something to seal the deal with the British public.

The conventional wisdom is that there are no easy wins available to either the prime minister or the leader of the opposition in these straitened times. But the conventional wisdom is wrong. There is one policy that would be both popular and make economic sense, and that is reform of the UK’s property taxation…

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